Custom Tack Stall Drape


Hansen Custom Tack Stall Drapes are 8′ in height and come in two panels totalling 10′ in width. The door panel is 4′ wide and has a zipper to keep it closed and tie backs that velcro to keep it open. The wall panel is 6′ wide and can be hung on either side of the door panel so that the set can be used regardless of how the stall is oriented. The Custom Tack Stall Drapes are available in Cordura and Sunbrella fabrics which both are waterproof, canvas like materials that are equally suitable for stall set ups. They key difference is that Sunbrella is certified fade resistant and will therefore maintain it’s colour if consistently exposed to direct sunlight. Create your design below by chosing your fabric, piping and trim from our huge selection of available colours. Customize your look further by adding grommets to hang them, a valance to hang across the top, a second piping or embroidery. All Hansen products are proudly Made in Canada.

Cordura & Sunbrella products are maching washable. Dry on a low or no heat cycle.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery as this item is made to order.

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