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Trunk Covers: Up to three colours per cover (main, piping, trim under piping)
• Nylons only
• Can do red in piping only

At Hansen Equestrian we are all about maximizing function whole still maintaining aesthetics.

We have designed a trunk cover specifically for the 50 gallon Stanley tool boxes.

We have incorporated a zipper around the lid of the cover so that you can open and close the lid of your trunk without removing the cover. We have also cut out a hole in the side of the cover so that the handle can be accessed again without removing the cover. You literally never have to take it off!

We make the covers from our hospital grade nylon/vinyl fabrics which are 100% waterproof and come in a variety of different colours.

We also offer silk screening service for names and logos that you might want to personalize your trunk cover.

We use the silk screening technique because it doesn’t cause the fabric to pucker and it doesn’t compromise the waterproof feature of the cover.

We can offer covers for other types of trunks however we require a minimum order quantity of 5 covers to make a new pattern. Please inquire for pricing.

Retail Price: $185.00 CDN  Embroidery is offered and quoted on an individual basis.